January 2019 Reading Goals

Happy New Year, Bookworms!

I hope that, wherever you are in the world, that you are celebrating the New Year. I know some of my friends on the other side of the world are still waiting for the clock to tick over to midnight, but I hope that new year is safe and happy for you all!

This year I am hoping to get better at posting my monthly reading goals with you all – it will be a combination of list and videos and all sorts of things that will give you an idea of what’s coming up. It won’t necessarily be a TBR, but more some guidelines about what I’m hoping to achieve in my reading life. (Although, if I do mention books and you’d like to see written reviews, just let me know because that can absolutely be arranged.)

Today my 2019 Reading and Youtube Goals went live on my channel, but you can check it out here:

It’s pretty self explanatory!

Year-long Reading Challenges

I have already set up my 2019 Monthly Reading thread on my blog so you can check it out if you don’t follow me on social media.

This year I am participating in the #Ampersand 2019 Reading Challenge, hosted by Sarah. As I read books through the year I’m going to check them off the list and I’ll take about that in more detail during my weekly reading vlog wrap-ups.

I’m also planning on joining in the RomanceOpoly Challenge hosted by Under the Covers and Peace Love Books because I’ve had a lot of fun trying out some romance and sub-genre romance books in 2018, so why not explore it a little more in 2019.

January Readathons and Challenges


This video hasn’t be released on my channel yet, so you guys are getting a sneak peek (I promise, in future months, this will up in advance of my monthly goals posts). I only have 3 books left unread from this round and they’re all going to be read during the month of January. Those books include:


I am one of the cohosts for this readathon, which was created by Megan from Tome Infinity. It’s a month-long science-fiction readathon with book, video and photo challenge prompts. I have a TBR video up on my channel if you’d like to see my over-ambitious goals for the month (because I don’t do anything by halves, apparently):

So that’s basically it for this month. In the comments let me know if there’s other monthly reading goal information you’d like to see and I’ll try and incorporate it into next month’s post.

Have a save and happy New Year, everyone!

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