Plan With Me | Jingly Jumpers

Merry Christmas, Mrs Brimbles friends!

I hope that you’ve all been enjoying a wonderful holiday season. Despite the weather reaching the high 30s (celsius!) here in Australia, I couldn’t resist using Anna’s Jingly Jumpers stickers to create a very festive themed layout for Christmas week.

I have to admit to being inspired to do a ‘washing line’ spread for the jumpers, because wearing jumpers on December twenty-fifth is not something I’m used to doing (unless I want to end up with heatstroke), but the idea of them has always seemed so enchanting – one of those things that I’ve never really experienced but looks like a lot of fun.

I decided to pare Anna’s stickers with two washi tapes – one from the Mrs Brimbles Washi Advent Box and another from my stash, and keep the rest of the layout super simple so as not to detract from the jumpers.

Overall, I’m so pleased with how this layout turned out. It’s festive and fun and totally something I’ve loved looking at this week.

I hope you all enjoy what’s left of the holiday season and have a safe and happy New Year!

If you’d like more planner inspiration, you can follow my Youtube channel where I post planner videos every weekend!

Until next time, happy planning!

Stef xx

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