VaLITines 2021 Challenge | Positive Relationships

Hi, everyone!

Today’s post is a little different, as I’m hosting a blog challenge for the Bookweb VaLITines month-long readathon, hosted by Cait from Chaptercvii and a whole stack of other wonderful people – you can find all the details on this reaction over at the Bookweb VaLITines Notion.

This is a readathon celebrating all things reading across the web – no matter if you’re a blogger, booktuber, instagrammer or just a reader who loves hearing about all of the above online. I’ll include the readathon bingo board at the end of my post.

Last year I helped host a blog challenge and it was such a good time that I wanted to do a round 2. The challenge prompt is:

Recommend books that promote positive relationships.

This can, of course, include all types of relationships – family, friends, romantic or platonic. All are fair game! (And don’t forget to leave a link in the comments or tag @readvaLITines if you join in the blogging challenge – we’d love to read your posts

So, what are my recommendations?


Kate and Andrea
from the Kate Daniels series by Ilona Andrews

These books are a few years old now, but they’re a staple if you enjoy urban fantasy. Kate starts off the series as mercenary who ends up working for the Order of the Knights of Merciful Aid alongside Andrea. Both are strong, independent women who live in a world where magic and technology is constantly at war with each other, and work in an environment that doesn’t respect either of them. Over the course of the series they bond and develop a rock solid friendship that withstands everything their world throws at it (and it gets tested A LOT). I adore them and would read many more books about their friendship. (Magic Strikes is Book 3 in the series)


All the characters…
from The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune

This is a truly stunning book that features a queer relationship (which is quiet and beautiful) but is mostly about how we view people that we consider ‘other.’ Linus Baker is in charge of overseeing the orphanages that care for magical children and he’s never once thought beyond the parameters of his job description, until he visits the Marsyas Island Orphanage and meets Arthur Parnassus and the young children he cares for. I cannot put into words how much I loved this book and the way the characters all interacted and related to one another.


Emma, Grayson (and Derek)
from Gifting Me To His Best Friend by Katee Robert

Fair warning, this book is steamy and NSFW, but I loved the relationship dynamic between all of the characters in this one. Emma and Grayson are happily married and both are in love with Emma and Grayson’s best friend, Derek. While this book is light on plot, one thing I truly appreciated in this polyamory story is the strong emphasis that is placed on Emma and Grayson’s marriage – they’re rock solid together and know that whatever happens next won’t ruin what they have and they’re determined to show Derek just how much they want him in their lives.

I hope that you enjoyed these recommendations!

If you’re interested in joining in the reading challenge, which takes place over the whole month of February, here’s the bingo board:


For more information, check out the hosts channels (linked above) or visit the Twitter page for any questions you have!

What are your recommendations for books with positive relationships?

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