#ReadDigital February 2021 Challenge

Hello, friends!

Welcome to the February #ReadDigital Challenge.

If you’re unfamiliar with this challenge, it’s a very low-key reading challenge to encourage everyone to read ebooks, audiobooks, digital comics, fanfic or any other ‘digital’ reading content they have that they just haven’t had time to pick up yet.

Every month there will be a 9-square bingo board with book prompts, as well as some ‘other’ challenges that can be incorporated with book prompts, be considered reading ‘self-care’ prompts or adapted in any way you would like. You can aim for 3 in a row, full black out or anything in between, and the challenge will run for the whole month.

The February prompts:

Read a book with a Happily Ever After: It’s the month of love, so this prompt is fitting – read a book where the characters get a happily ever after (or a happy for now).

Read a book you’re in the mood for: Pick up a book that you just feel like reading – perfect for all my fellow mood readers!

Read a book with pink on the cover: This could be a pink cover, pink text, pink elements in the over image or even the word pink in the title.

Read a book with LGBTQIA+ representation: It’s also a great opportunity to find some books written by #OwnVoices authors. (If you need help finding recommendations, Kathy Trithardt has an awesome playlist of recommendations: A-Z of Queer Lit.)

Recommend a book to someone else: The next time you chat about books with someone, recommend them a book and tick off this square. You can up level this challenge by reading a book and then recommending it to someone this month.

Read a novella: Novellas are traditionally between 10,000-40,000 words long, so find a shorter text to read this month!

Read a book with a two-word title: Pretty self-explanatory!

Read with your favourite snack: Get comfy and enjoy a snack while you read.

Read an anticipated book: Go back through your device/s and find something you were really excited to read when it was released but never got around to reading.


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