#ReadDigital January 2021 Challenge

Hello, friends!

I’m continuing my #ReadDigital challenge in 2021 to help me read through all the digital books I have sitting on my devices. If you’re unfamiliar with this challenge, it’s a very low-key reading challenge to encourage everyone to read ebooks, audiobooks, digital comics, fanfic or any other ‘digital’ reading content they have that they just haven’t had time to pick up yet.

Every month there will be a 9-square bingo board with book prompts, as well as some ‘other’ challenges that can be incorporated with book prompts, be considered reading ‘self-care’ prompts or adapted in any way you would like. You can aim for 3 in a row, full black out or anything in between, and the challenge will run for the whole month.

The January prompts:

Read with your favourite drink: This challenge is to enjoy your favourite beverage while reading. (You may wish to double this prompt up with a book square or choose a separate book bringing up the total number of books you read.)

Read a book you meant to read in 2020: Is that book you meant to read in 2020 burning a hole in your Kindle/Kobo/phone/iPad? Now’s the time to read it.

Read the newest book on your TBR: You were excited to acquire it – now’s the time to pick it up and enjoy it.

Read a book with purple on the cover: This could be a full purple cover or have purple text, or even a tiny speck of purple somewhere. Explore your book covers and find something you think will fit.

Write a review for a book you read: Reviews help readers find books they want to read. Make sure you review a book this month – it’s a great way to show support for authors!

Read a book with a one word title: Pretty self-explanatory – search your TBR for a book with one word in the title. (Does that word live up to the story?)

Read a favourite author: It’s a new year and so we should start it with things that we love, including authors who bring us joy.

Read a new-to-you author: It’s a time to celebrate new things – try out that author you’ve always been meaning to read.

Read in your favourite spot: Make time to cozy up and read in a place that makes you happy. This prompt can be doubled up with any other prompt on the board.


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