Plan With Me | Go Wild in 2018

Happy New Year!
It’s crazy to think that January is nearly half-over and 2018 is in full swing, but I have to say that Anna‘s December Sticker Kit – My Deer You Sparkle – was the perfect set to get me going with planning in the new year.
This month I’m sharing two layouts with you – my January monthly spread, as well as a weekly layout. The inserts I use are ones that I make for myself (in Powerpoint, with tables, so it’s super easy to do if you need inserts on the run) printed on 120gsm paper.

I decided to split the sticker kit into 2 sections – the more ‘new years-y’ stickers for the monthly layout, and the beautiful watercolour animals for the weekly layout. Both are 2018 themed, but they’re different enough that it doesn’t feel like repeating.
I stuck to Anna’s colour palette of black, gold and white with all the additional extras, too. All the washi tapes came from my (rather sizeable, and thus very ready to be used) stash.
As always, I have videos for you to see the process!

This week I used washi tape to divide up the boxes. I don’t do this every month, because often I find it makes the page feel heavy and cluttered, but I don’t mind it in this layout. The black and white colour palette for the washi tapes helps, I think and provides a nice contrast to the stickers.
I’m also a fan of having a ‘heading’ box – I divide each page into four, with one section for each day, plus a ‘free’ box that I use for heavy decorating. The position of the box has a tendency to change from week to week, and I’ve even been known to put it in the middle of the page!
This week, though, it’s in the top left, reminding me that 2018 is all about new beginnings. No time to dwell on things past!

I hope that everyone has had a wonderful start to the new year. May it be filled with amazing new adventures for you all.
As always, you can find more of my work on Youtube (I have a 2018 playlist here) and Instagram.
Happy Planning!

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