Dream Crate Project

Ever think about what you would do if you could put together your own subscription crate? Well Loot Crate has just the project for you! The monthly mystery box subscription service for geeks, gamers, and fans alike is looking to discover what fans would do if they were able to build their very own Dream Crate.

When I learned that Loot Crate was encouraging all types of fans to participate in their Dream Crate project, I was really excited, and I knew exactly what my theme would be:

to travel
My Dream Crate box is inspired by V.E. Schwab’s Shades of Magic series (A Darker Shade of Magic, A Gathering of Shadows and A Conjuring of Light), which is about magicians who can travel between parallel worlds. How perfect would be a box about magic and traveling be? While this box is inspired by the book series, I’m also throwing in some additional fandoms (Doctor Strange and The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern) for a truly magical box.

Now, I’ll preface this with the notice that these are lofty inclusions – as befitting a dream box – but in the interest of fandom, I’ve also concluded suggestions for how these items might be included in an actual box one day. So keep that in mind!

What’s in my Dream Crate?

Kell’s Coat from A Darker Shade of Magic. For those who’ve never read the books, Kell’s coat is practically a character in it’s own right. Every time Kell turn’s it inside out, a new coat appears and he’s constantly discovering ‘new’ coats. (He also finds the things he’s left in different coat pockets, too.) How handy would it be to have one coat that can become any coat?!
(Reality option: I’d settle for a Pop Funko/figurine of Kell in his coat. Because he’s awesome!)

A Red London lin. Kell trades a new Red London lin (a coin like a shilling, with a red star where the royal face should be) with King George each time he visits the old kind in Grey London. They also serve as an anchor to Red London when Kell needs to travel home.
(Reality option: A commemorative-style collector’s coin would be an awesome bookish item to display with the books.)

Lila’s Dagger. Okay, so Lila has plenty of daggers, and quite frankly, any of them would be an awesome bit of bookish fun, but if I had to pick one, the dagger that splits in two is an awesome item in her collection.
(Reality option: A replica – or replica – set of daggers would be fabulous. Alternatively, I’d also settle for a Lila figurine.)

The Eye of Agamotto from the Doctor Strange film. I’ve chosen the film version because of it’s abilities to manipulate probabilities and time, allowing the user to move forwards or backwards through time and affect outcomes. A bit like traveling and a whole lot of magic wrapped up in one amulet.
(Reality option: A replica amulet as a piece of fandom jewellery would be an awesome collection to any Doctor Strange fan’s collection.)

The clock from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern. The creators of The Night Circus, a traveling troupe who appears and disappears without warning and performing the most amazing feats of magic, commissioned a clock as the centrepiece of their entrance. A truly masterful piece of work, the clock is as memorable as the characters themselves.
(Reality option: A little replica clock that can sit on a bedside table or on a bookshelf.)

What would you include in your Dream Crate?

Don’t forget to stop by Loot Crate and check out their boxes. Plenty of options for all your fan-ish needs!


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