Book Review | Initiate

synopsis (good reads).

The only home Riga Garrison has ever known is the Tunnel, a subterranean research facility buried deep beneath Antarctica’s ice and snow. 

Yet, while a safe haven for the last outpost of humanity governed by the Initiate, it is also home to a secret so dark that they will risk anything to protect it.

Surrounded by deceit and faced with exile to a frozen wasteland, Riga must defy not only the Initiate’s top biologists and loyalists but also her own mother, in an attempt to unearth the truth.

my thoughts.

I didn’t know what to expect when I started Initiate – the premise sounded really fascinating, and the story itself is set in a location that I love: Antarctica. Plus, this idea that we have a colony of people living beneath the ice in one of the last safe places on Earth is just so enticing.

One of the things that really captured my attention as I began reading were the beautifully captivating descriptions. There are pockets within the story where the descriptions just made me stop and go ‘wow.’

The characters are great. Riga is a strong, determined teenager living a life that doesn’t sit right with her (even if she doesn’t know why). Her relationship with her best friend Mynta is relatable and the development of her relationship with Rhys was well written.
There is a little bit of set-up at the beginning, setting the tone and building the world of Initiate, but once the secrets begin to be revealed the pace picks up and doesn’t stop until you get the end and are left wanting to know what happens next.

I gave Initiate 5 stars because it ticked all of my boxes for an action, adventure, fast-paced read. I can’t wait to read what happens next in this series.


title // Initiate
author // Laura L. Fox
publisher // OfTomes
genre // Young Adult, Science-Fiction
publication date // November 15, 2016
format // eBook or paperback (via Amazon or Barnes & Noble)

I received Initiate from OfTomes for a fair and honest opinion.

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