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Today we were asked to create a playlist. It could be any kind of playlist, and I decided to share with you my top songs for the moment. 
Full confession, I have a ‘Favourites’ playlist of over 200 songs that is my go-to when I just want music on in the background and it is incredibly eclectic. Because 200 songs is a tad unreasonable when it comes to noting favourites, I’m going to limit myself to my Top 10 that I just love to listen to over and over.
currently listening to.
bastille // pompeii
jonas blue ft. dakota // fast car
dami im // sound of silence
ingrid michaelson // open hands
sara bareilles // i choose you
maroon 5 // sugar
walk the moon // shut up and dance with me
gabrielle aplin // ghosts
kelly clarkson // war paint
What’s your go-to song of the moment?
Feel like sharing your current playlist – link up with Bailey on her blog!

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