Planners | October Decorations & 3rd Quarter Walk Through

This week there are two BONUS planner videos, because it’s the start of a new month, so there’s a monthly plan with me as well as my 3rd quarter planner walkthrough showing my set-up at the end of the Jul-Sept period. I have two other walkthrough videos from this year, so if you’re new to my blog/YouTube channel, you can find the 1st Quarter and 2nd Quarter walkthroughs by clicking on the links.
First up, here’s my October Monthly Spread:
And next up is my planner walk-through:
If there are any questions you have, or requests for some close-up photos of different sections in my planner, let me know in the comments below.
There might be a Halloween Planner set-up video in the next week or so if I switch things out in time. But, there are two DIY videos coming up this weekend – one on making your own confetti and one on making Halloween-themed paperclips!
I look forward to seeing you guys over the coming days!

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