DIY Craft | Confetti

Ever needed a certain confetti mix for a party or special event?
Here’s the perfect solution to store bought confetti that requires only a few tools and a bit of time sitting in front of the TV (you know, so you have background noise, right?!).
Plus, just by choosing your colours you can make a custom set of confetti to match any event. So far, I’ve made two lots – a pink and gold set, and a Halloween set.
What you need:
– Tissue paper in colours of choice
– Paper punches (I used a Fiskars .6″ circle punch)
– Scissors (optional, but handy)
– Tweezers (optional, but handy)
Set-up your tissue paper – I recommend having 8-10 sheets together, this gives your paper punch something slightly sturdier to punch through and minimises the tissue paper catching/sticking in the punch. (See my video for other tips.)
Punch out your shapes along your tissue paper. Cut off excess paper as required.
Don’t worry if some of your shapes need a gently tug – you really won’t notice rough edges once your confetti is complete.
When you have all your confetti punched out and in a container/bowl, fluff them up with your fingers to start the separation process for the individual tissue paper sheets. (This is a neat sensory activity!)
All that’s left is to store your confetti, or put it out for your event!
Here’s a close up of my Halloween confetti:
What colour schemes will you create? Let me know in the comments.
Until next time, have a wonderful day, friends!

One Reply to “DIY Craft | Confetti”

  1. Stef, I love this! what a fabulous crafting project! No one should ever, ever buy confetti for a wedding ever again! Think how sweet it would be to make confetti in the bride's choice of wedding colours? Or for a baby shower, or graduation celebrations? So, so many ways to use these! Off to pin & share 🙂 sending heaps of hugs honey xx


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