Blog-tember Day 30 | Farewell, Blog-tember!

Today is the final day of the Blog-tember blogging challenge. I’m so proud to have made it to the end of the challenge. While I didn’t complete every single day, I did blog for most of them and that makes me feel very proud. I think I’ll miss blogging every day!
Today’s prompt was a little more general. A farewell to the challenge that has introduced me to lots of lovely bloggers and their blogs.
I’ve had a field day adding people’s blogs to my Feedly account so I can keep up-to-date with you all as you continue your blogging journals, and I hope that you’ll return to my blog every now and then (or more often, if you feel like it!) and catch up with me!
When I started this challenge, the Noveltea Corner was a brand new blog. This challenge has allowed me to think about the future of my blog and the kind of content that I want to create.
Along with the marvellous ideas shared during yesterday’s 10 inspiring topics, I have other plans for the blog.
Each month I want to share weekly planner decorating videos, planner tips, a round-up of fabulous things I’ve seen online, a monthly currently post and craft DIY projects.
I’d love to hear what other content you’d like to see here, too, so don’t be shy about leaving me a comment.
Thanks so much for supporting me over the last month. It means the absolute world to me!
Here’s to lots of fabulous content in the coming months!
Don’t forget to stop by Brave Love Blog today, too!

5 Replies to “Blog-tember Day 30 | Farewell, Blog-tember!”

  1. It's been a fabulous month Stef, I'm actually quite sad it's over! Oh well there is always Blogtember 2016 to look forward to 🙂 Looking forward to seeing your planner designs, have a great day, huggles xx


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