Blog-tember Day 29 | 10 Topics

It’s the second-last day of the Blog-tember blogging challenge. Today’s prompt is to write your own list of 10 blog topics to inspire us next month.

1. What is your favourite DIY project?
2. Share your favourite childhood books/stories.
3. Who are your favourite YouTubers/channels to follow and why?
4. Share a tour of your desk/work space.
5. 10 things everyone should know about you.
6. Create a mood board to describe you right now.
7. If you could choose a perfect holiday destination, where would it be and why?
8. Share your favourite holiday/celebration and why it’s so important to you.
9. If you could purchase one thing for your house/apartment, what would it be?
10. What colour describes you.

Brave Love Blog
Thanks for stopping by today, and I’ll see you guys tomorrow with my last Blog-tember blog post!

5 Replies to “Blog-tember Day 29 | 10 Topics”

  1. Such good ideas! I am especially obsessed with 1, 7 and 9! We often think about where we would travel but I haven't thought about it regarding the holidays. It gives it an interesting twist. I always like hearing about simple DIY projects. Those are the best.


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