Blog-tember Day 28 | Day in the Life

Today’s Blog-tember challenge was to share a day in the life.

I had grand plans of filming a vlog for you all, but I work up with conjunctivitis (again, second time in three weeks, sigh) and a ridiculous cough, and while I didn’t feel too bad, I also couldn’t put on any make-up or anything to make myself look a little more presentable.

Instead, I managed to power through my crafty to-do list, because today I’m still on term holidays (until next Monday) so this post is a day in the life of me on holidays!

* lazed around in bed – yay for sleep-ins!
* went back to taking my eye drops (almost threw the bottle out the other day, so glad I didn’t!)
* bacon and eggs for breakfast
* checked YouTube subscriptions
* filmed two planner decoration videos and a Halloween haul video
* refreshment time! (Sodastream water with lemon ice-cube and jam-dot cookie)

* photographed and edited YouTube videos for the day
* uploaded my first planner decoration video for this week’s planner pages
* tomato soup and rice crackers for lunch
* checked mail. Happy Mail day! (Stamps from Studio Calico)
* updated Project Life album
* cut out some scrapbooking paper for possible planner dashboards to sell in my Etsy store
night (so far)

* beef and blackbean / lemon chicken take-out for dinner
* updating the Noveltea Corner for Blog-tember Day 28!
night (to do)
* paper beads
* reading
* journaling
Thanks for stopping by today – I hope that you found it an interesting read! As always, I love to hear from you, either about today’s post, or about suggestions for what you might like to see in the future!
As always, remember to stop by Brave Love Blog and check out the day in the life of other wonderful bloggers.
Until tomorrow, friends, have a wonderful day!

5 Replies to “Blog-tember Day 28 | Day in the Life”

  1. First I hope your feeling much better soon……Second, it looks as if your Sunday?!?!? was pretty productive there…I have to watch and subscribe to your youtube videos…….I'm going to try to watch Bailey's scope today, hope to see you on there as well…….anyway….very nice day in the life of yours……hope you like mine OR Scout's too!


  2. Hi Pamela! It's Monday night here in Australia (just about to hit 9pm) – which is typical of time zone differences! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving a comment. I hope you enjoy my youtube videos if you do get a chance to watch them.

    I'm hoping to watch Bailey's scope today, too, but it just depends on (again) the time and if I'm still awake.


  3. Hope you're feeling better too! What a great video. Love the background music. I have been trying to think about what to do with my planner next year and decorating it. Thanks for the ideas!


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