Friends Fur-Ever (Smarty Pup 1) by Anh Doh

Friends Fur-Ever (Smarty Pup 1)
Author: Anh Doh
Anton Emdin
Published: October 5 2022
Publisher: Allen and Unwin
Readership: Junior Fiction
Rating: ★★★★
RRP: $15.99

I received a copy of Friends Fur-Ever from the publishers for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

The first ever full-colour adventure from mega-bestselling author Anh Do. Smarty Pup is PAWSOME!

Hi! My name is Lily.
Nothing exciting ever happens to me.
Right now, I have a potato in my schoolbag because it was the most interesting thing I could find for show-and-tell.
But all that’s going to change now that we are getting a dog…

Lily’s new pup JJ is kind of clumsy, but something about his smiley face makes her really happy inside.
So you can imagine Lily’s surprise when she wakes up to discover that JJ can TALK and is SUPER SMART. In fact, he might have the smartest brain in the whole wide world!

A PAWS-itively brilliant new series from much-loved author Anh Do.

Featuring an amazing lenticular animated cover and bonus stickers!

Anh Doh is back with a new series for junior fiction readers – it’s time to meet Lily and JJ (aka Smarty Pup!). Lily and her dad decide it’s time to adopt a dog and they bring home JJ who’s a little bit quirky, but smiles a lot and loves Lily even more.

One night there’s a freak storm and some goo from outerspace rains down on the planet giving anyone it touches some amazing abilities. JJ happens to step in some of the goo and Lily finds him reading a book and talking to her the next morning. Suddenly she has the best idea for show and tell, but even though the other kids love JJ the talking dog, a prized item goes missing and most of them blame JJ. It’s up to JJ and Lily to sole the mystery of the missing dinosaur egg as quickly as possible.

Anh Doh certainly knows how to come up with engaging concepts for kids, and a talking dog who goes to school is definitely going to capture the attention of young readers. Unlike some of his other series, this one has full-colour illustrations on each page, and they’re very cute, as well as his trademark humour and sense of fun. (I especially liked Lily’s dad’s Dad Jokes!)

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