VaLITines 2021 Challenge | Book & Drink Pairings

Hi, everyone!

I’m back with another blog challenge for the Bookweb VaLITines month-long readathon, hosted by Cait from Chaptercvii and a whole stack of other wonderful people – you can find all the details on this reaction over at the Bookweb VaLITines Notion.

This is a readathon celebrating all things reading across the web – no matter if you’re a blogger, booktuber, instagrammer or just a reader who loves hearing about all of the above online. I’ll include the readathon bingo board at the end of my post.

Books & Drink Pairings

Today I want you to think about some of your favourite books and the drinks you might recommend as a great pairing. You can be as fancy as you like!

So, what are my recommendations?

Technically I haven’t read The Gin O’Clock Club yet, but I could pass up including it because it pairs perfectly with my personal gin collection – and you better believe that I’ll be having a Gin and Tonic while reading it!

But some other pairings:

Books to Drink With Hot Tea

The Wrong Callahan by Karly Lane
This is the first book in the Callahans of Stringybark Creek series, and is an Australian rural romance book. It’s a great afternoon read, and could definitely be enhanced with a good cup of tea (and possible some scones with jam and cream).


The Switch by Beth O’Leary
This is the story of a grandmother and granddaughter who swap homes and lives for a while as they try and revitalise themselves. It’s a cozy read, perfect to be wrapped up in a blanket with your favourite tea.

Books to Drink With Alcohol

American Queen by Sierra Simone
Or just anything by Sierra Simone, to be honest. Sierra is the queen of the taboo romance books and so an alcoholic beverage seems appropriate – I don’t drink much outside of gin or cider, so I’d pick one of those, but this is a book about the polyamorous relationship between the President of the United States, his wife, and his best friend (also Vice President), so pick your poison! (Lots of content warnings in this one: for mature audiences.)

Starry Eyes by Jenn Bennett
This is the hate-to-love/second-chance romance book that’s always at the top of my list in the YA category. Following two childhood friends who’ve had a falling out and end up on a camping trip together over the Summer, only to end up stranded, this is the quintessential Summer read for me each year. My go-to drink pairing for this would be a Strawberry & Lime Cider.

Other Drinks

Save the Date by Morgan Matson
Charlie’s older sister is getting married and the wedding is going to be at the family home. Everyone’s returning home for the wedding, and in true family style, everything gets a little bit complicated. This is another great Summer-y read (apologies, Northern Hemisphere folk – I have Summer of the brain because it’s quite warm here in Australia right now!) and while one could argue that this book would be great paired with Champagne – wedding! – I’m going to suggest a cold punch would fit this book really well.


I hope that you enjoyed these recommendations!

If you’re interested in joining in the reading challenge, which takes place over the whole month of February, here’s the bingo board:

For more information, check out the hosts channels (linked above) or visit the Twitter page for any questions you have!

What books and drinks would you pair together?

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