Great Books for Kids, Part 2

Hi, everyone! The holiday season is just around the corner and today I’m sharing 3 reviews of fantastic children’s books that would make great gifts for the younger readers in your life.

Thank you to Scholastic for the review copies.

Disney Maps: A Magical Atlas of the Movies We Know and Love by Tessa Roehl and Suzanne Francis, Illustrated  by Caroline LaVelle Egan and others (2020)

Disney movies have been a staple in our lives for decades, and now we have a gorgeous book that celebrates all the different locations that we’ve seen in this films. From Snow White’s forest to the frozen lands of Arendelle and everything in between, get set to be immersed in the magical places we all know and love.

This book is a visual delight. As a long-time Disney fan this was not a book I could pass up reviewing because it just speaks to me of my childhood. Each of the twenty-four maps showcase the places that have become so iconic as to be instantly recognisable. The artwork for the maps is stunning and intricate, and as a reader you just want to look at them for ages to find all the little details. I liked that it included a timeline of the films included in the book Snow White in 1937 to Coco in 2016.

I also appreciated that each map was accompanied by a two-page spread featuring a description of each location, as well as memorable moments from the film, things of note and also the main characters. This book is for readers young and old and will be loved by any Disney die-hard.

Time for Bed, Batman by Michael Dahl (2020)

As the day ends and the sun sets, a young boy prepares for this next adventure: bedtime!

This gorgeous little story about bedtime uses the analogy of Batman stories – fighting bad guys, wearing a costume and looking after others – as an analogy for preparing for bed as a nightly routine. The illustrations are fun and bold and engaging, and very easy to look at. I loved that each page tells two stories: the bedtime story and also a Batman narrative (complete with comic-style panels) to show the parallels.

This would be a great story for young readers beginning to learn about (and take responsibility for) their nightly routines. It’s even better for those young comic fans!

Be Brave, Wonder Woman by Michael Dahl (2020)

A young girls sets out on her newest adventure: starting school. Inspired by Wonder Woman, she tackles every challenge head on.

Much like Be Brave, Batman this book tells a duel narrative of the young girl starting school and a Wonder Woman story, highlighting Wonder Woman’s greatest strengths – courage, strength and kindness – as they both overcome everything that happens throughout the course of the day.

This book is perfect for younger readers who might be embarking on their first day of school in the new year. The bold and bright illustrations capture your attention from the cover all the way through the book. I’ll be holding onto this one for when my new class of preps start in the new year for sure!

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