Plan With Me | November 2018

2018 will henceforth be known as the year that I became obsessed with otters. And it’s entirely the fault of a good friend and colleague of mine who is also obsessed with the cute little hand-holding critters. We became so obsessed we did an information project on them with our students at school because it was something different to the traditional Australian animals we might normally have covered.

So, when I saw the gorgeous painted otters in one of the Patreon packs that Anna has on her Patreon account, I was SO excited and had to use them in a layout. Because who doesn’t love a bit of cuteness staring up at them from their planner pages?

Full disclosure: while I am a member of Anna’s design team, I subscribe to her Patreon account of my own accord, because I love her extra content and the digital designs that she releases. I adore cutting out cute pictures and creating layouts with them.

If you’d like to watch the process of this layout, check out this video:

This was a pretty simple layout to create – all I needed were some washi tapes and the printable from Anna’s Patreon account, from which I just fussy cut out the images. I wasn’t too worried about the whitespace (it’s my planner, it’s for me, and I don’t get hung up on too much perfection… otherwise I would be a lot more stressed out on a daily basis!). All the washi tapes are ones I have collected from various places including Etsy and instore here in Australia and I picked them because the purple-y tones matched the purple on the teacup.

Look, otters in a teacup!

My layout is a monthly layout on two pages that’s my own design and works for me, with larger boxes for Saturday and Sunday because those are usually my busiest days in my personal planner (my work planner is usually weekday heavy, naturally) and I wanted something relatively crisp and clean and easy to work with.

A few strips of washi, a bit of glue for the cut-outs and some hand lettering to add a tiny bit more interest and I was done!

How do you like to plan? Do you like stickers? Cut-outs? Minimalist? A combination of any of the above, or something completely different? I love switching it up on a regular basis. I find it keeps life interesting and makes my weeks a lot of fun.

If you like this video, you can find plenty of other planner layouts (over three years’ worth now!) on my Youtube channel.

Have a wonderful week, planner friends!


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