Plan With Me // Into the Woods

Hello, planner friends!

I love October. It’s such a fun month to decorate in my planner with all the fun Halloween-themed items out there. When Mrs Brimbles released her Witch School sticker set I was so excited, because it combines the ideas of a much-loved book series, school and Halloween-vibes without being just one or the other.

Plus, I love the blue theme. I don’t often go for an all-blue theme in my planner, but it is a colour I really love and pulling out all the stops for it on a layout just makes it all the more special. And yes, it’s definitely a calming colour!

You can check out my process video here:

Don’t forget to check out the rest of Anna’s stickers here.

For more planner inspiration, you can follow me on Youtube.

Have a fabulous weekend, and happy planning!


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