Review // We Three Heroes

Title: We Three Heroes (The Medoran Chronicles #4.5)
Author: Lynette Noni
Published: August 2018
Publisher: Pantera Press
Readership: Young Adult
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: ★★★★
RRP: $19.99 AUD

I received a copy of We Three Heroes from the publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


We all have to do our part if we’re to survive the coming storm.

Alexandra Jennings might be the hero of The Medoran Chronicles, but she would be lost without her three closest friends. They are her heroes, and like all heroes, they each have their own story.

Meet the real D.C. in Crowns and Curses and discover how she becomes the princess Alex once despised but now adores.

Follow Jordan on his healing journey in Scars and Silence as he struggles in the wake of being rescued from his living nightmare.

Walk beside Bear in Hearts and Headstones as he faces an unspeakable trauma while helping his world prepare for the coming war.

D.C., Jordan and Bear are the heroes of their own stories.

It is time for their stories to be told.

I fell in love with The Medoran Chronicles in 2017, and quickly binge-read the books that were already out in time to read Graevale when it was released and have been eagerly awaiting the release of We Three Heroes ever since. The series itself, overall, is fun, easy to read and full of wonderful friendships.

We Three Heroes is a collection of three novellas about Alexandra’s three best friends – D.C., Jordan and Bear. We’ve gotten to know these characters in the 4 previous books, but never from their perspective, which is where these novellas really make their mark because each of them has such a unique reason for their actions in the main storyline and it’s really great to unpack their reasoning and motivations for their actions.

Before I get into some thoughts on the individual novellas, it must be stated that these novellas are full of spoilers for all the books in the series. One story takes place pre-series up until the events at the end of the first book, and the other two are set throughout major events in books 2-4. You probably could read it on it’s own, but I don’t think you would get as much out of them. Also, as a result of the fill-in-the-blanks style of these novellas, I don’t think the structure is the same as what you’d normally expect in a novella because of the way they weave into the main story overall. I quite liked that, but it may not be for everyone.

On to the novellas…

Crowns and Curses explores D.C.’s history – we finally get to see what she was like before she made it to Akarnae, and why she was such a prickly character in the first book. I thought it was was a really great insight into the pressures her character faces.

Scars and Silence follows Jordan as he recovers from quite a significant event in his life that has series ramifications for not only himself, but his friends. I particularly enjoyed his interactions with one of the teachers, who takes him under his wing (sort of) to help him deal with every thing he’s been through – it’s always nice when there’s a strong adult mentor for a character to lean on/learn from.

Hearts and Headstones was undoubtably my favourite of the novellas – for a very unexpected reason. It’s Bear’s story, and follows on from Scars and Silence (and the main books) as Bear and Jordan are rebuilding their relationship, and Bear is aiding one of his teachers in a secret project that could help in the oncoming war. My favourite part was the unexpected potential love interest that I really hope becomes a love interest in future books (and I can’t say who it is because I don’t know if I’m imagining things, but I really hope I’m not) because it was really awesome.

If you’re a fan of the series, this is a must-read. I’m very grateful to Pantera Press for the opportunity to read and review We Three Heroes.

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