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Hello, Planner Friends! I hope you’re all having a wonderful week.
I’ve really been getting in to the vertical planning groove lately and experimenting with layouts and how I set-out my page. 
The April Planner Nerd “Brights” kit was SO much fun to work with because the colours are just so cheerful!
Along my vertical planning journey so far I’ve come to learn a few things about myself as a planner – I don’t preplan a huge amount, although I do have a few things that happen every week. I definitely plan on the go more, and that’s useful to me. I know that I like to have checklists (if I want anything to get done at all, I need checklists), but too many becomes overwhelming. I love pretty pictures and stickers in my planners, so decorative boxes are my favourite, but using them in moderation to aid functionality is still something I’m working on.

What have you learnt about yourself as a planner recently?
As always, I’d love to connect with you and chat all things planning. You can find me on Youtube and Twitter
Until next time, happy planning!
Stef xx

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