Out of This World

This month’s space-themed Brimbles Box put such a big smile on my face. When I filmed my unboxing video earlier in the month, I was just so excited to open up the goodies in the box because the theme and the colours and patterns just speak to me.
From the moment I looked at all the goodies I was already formulating the first (of many, I assure you) space-themed projects that I could use this kit for. (Also, plotting how many of the pink galaxy papers I need to order so I never run out of them!)
Aside from one sticker (a weekend banner from PopMixDesigns) everything in this layout comes from the Brimbles Box, and it was so fun to play with the colours in this box. The blues and pinks were off-set by the yellows.
I also use a Sharpie Fine pen to add my border/divider details.
As always, I’d love to chat to you about planners and crafting. You can find me on YouTube and Instagram.
Happy planning!
Stef xx

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