Book Review | How Santa Really Works

Author // Alan Snow
Publication Month // October 2014
Publisher // Athaneum Books for Young Readers
Genre // Picturebook, Children’s, Christmas


Top-secret information on Santa (Shhhhhhhh…) 

Intrepid Santa-tracker Alan Snow has traveled up through Lapland to the far reaches of the Arctic Circle in search of the ever-elusive Mr. Claus. There, beneath the polar cap, deep underground, he found a bustling community with one mission and one mission only — to make Christmas happen. 

Have you ever wondered how Santa knows exactly when you fall asleep?

Does he really have time to check if every single child’s been naughty or nice? 

And maybe more important, what do the naughty kids actually end up with? 

These are but a few of the questions you’ve never had answers for…until now. How Santa Really Works is the real scoop on how Santa does what he does so well.


How Santa Really Works is a fun, engaging book that details the truth behind everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Santa and Christmas.

I’ve read this book many times over the years and while it’s definitely not an easy bedtime read – there’s a LOT happening on each and every page – it is a book that young children can find something of interest in on every page. Whether they want to know where Santa lives, who the elves help Santa or how Santa’s sleigh can carry all those presents around the world in one night, there’s an answer to your question.

I love the illustrations in this book. While it might be a bit busy for younger readers, school-aged children will love the detail as it gives them a lot to look at. I’ve read this with many grades over the years and every time I turn the page, little bodies lean closer trying to pick out the details discussed in the book, before requesting to look at it independently so they can fully immerse themselves in the world of everything Christmas.

This book is perfect for all those people who want to know the truth about Santa! 

I rated How Santa Really Works 5 out of 5 stars.

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