Guest Post | Karly Lane, Third Time Lucky

Today I’m lucky enough to join in with Allen & Unwin‘s Third Time Lucky blog tour, sharing a guest post by author, Karly Lane!
Third Time Lucky
My new book, Third Time Lucky, started out as a novella a few years ago, but even back then, I felt as though the characters needed more room. I’d barely began to scratch the surface of their stories in the confines of a novella, and so when we decided to re-release it, we decided to make it into a full-length novel.

I always wanted to write a Christmas story. I love reading all the gorgeous Christmas themed books that come out from November onwards, filled with feel-good, Christmassy goodness, and I always told myself one day I’d write one, and eventually I did, however I think Third Time Lucky is so much more than ‘just a Christmas book’.

It’s a book about first love and reunited lovers. It’s about revenge and shattered pasts. It’s about the struggles of a small town trying to find an industry to support the community when all hope seems lost to them. It’s a book about families having secrets and about choices that have far reaching consequences. It’s about Dad’s and Daughters and brothers and sisters; about learning to accept each other, and sticking together.

This book is so much more than a Christmas book. And yet, it embraces everything wonderful about that special time of year. I hope you enjoy reading Third Time Lucky, as much as I loved writing it for you.
Third Time Lucky by Karly Lane is published by Allen & Unwin, RRP $29.99, available now.

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