blog-tember | nineteen . favourite blog posts

Today’s prompt is to share some of our favourite blog-posts that we’ve posted, and I thought I would share a mixture with you – some of them are from my the Noveltea Corner blog and some are from my Miss Galvin Learns blog because both blogs are a huge part of my life.
the Noveltea Corner.

Plan With Me – Carpe Diem this is one of my favourite layouts of the year because of the bright, fun colours. Just looking back at it makes me happy!
To Read Planner Inserts are something I’m so proud of because it met a need for some people and it was nice to be able to create something that people can use each and every day.
Cheap and Easy Traveler’s Notebooks DIY because it’s fun to pass on tips and tricks to make everyone’s life a little bit easier. 
Tips for Storing Clear Stamps was a fun way to share a method that is working for me and helps me to stay organised.
Halloween Daily Walkthrough was a project that made me so happy last year and let me celebrate my favourite holiday through craft!
My Passions was part of last year’s blog-tember project and it was the first time I put my passions down in writing for the world.
Miss Galvin Learns.

Why I Said Goodbye to Post-It Notes was about how I organised my teacher planning and to-do lists.
5 Reasons to Have a Classroom Blog is about why I think every teacher and classroom should have a blog.
5 Ways to End the Day was my way of sharing fun and easy ways to end the school day positively with your class each day.
5 Ways to Calm Down After Play includes activities that I use with my students to refocus and recenter them ready for learning after being outside and running around.
Handwriting Bags will always be one of my favourite tools in the classroom to keep students constantly practising their handwriting in this digital age!
The First Week of Prep is my (long) post sharing 7 years of experience teaching with Prep/Foundation/Kindergarten students and how to have a successful start to the school year!
If any of these posts interest you I would love for you to check them out and leave me a comment about what you thought. Don’t forget to link up with Bailey over at her blog for this challenge, too. I can’t wait to see what posts other people have shared. Blogging is a wonderful medium and it’s always so interesting to see how people’s styles have changed and progressed over time.
Until tomorrow, have a wonderful day!


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