Plan With Me | Happy Unicorn Thoughts

Hello, planner friends!
I am on a mission to use up my stickers and bits and pieces that have been lying around in my collection for months. It’s an ongoing battle, but I’m happy to say that this layout helped me finally use up a sticker sheet, along with using more of some stickers I’ve had for years
It’s a small success, but I’ll take it!
This week I decided it was time to use up the very beautiful Mrs Brimbles unicorn stickers that came in my February Brimbles Box this year. They’re so pretty and they needed to be used. (If they’re sitting in a pile of stickers they can’t be appreciated as much, right?!)
Check out my decorating video and photos below, along with links to the resources that are still available! Please note, a few things are no longer available (because I’ve had them for soooo long) but I’ve linked to the stores so you can check them out.
the Noveltea Corner 18month Wo2P inserts 

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