‘To Read’ Planner Inserts

The last week and half has been a busy reading time for me and I wanted to have a better (read: prettier) way to display my to read books in my planner.
Enter, my to read bookshelf
I had a bit of fun drawing pretend bookshelves and books this week and created my own – and very first – hand drawn inserts for my planner. 
Then I thought: what if other people wanted their own bookshelves? (I don’t know, it could happen, right?) I took some of my shelf designs and used them to create some personal-size printable inserts for purchase on Etsy.

As with my post earlier in the week, you can also use the code NOVELTEAFANS to get 40% off this week, too, so they’re a total steal. 
You get two inserts on a single page, and you can print it as many times as you need to! Simply write the book titles on the spines of the book and you’re good to go. I’m colouring in the spines as I read the books on my shelves, which is a great incentive to read more!
I hope that inspires you to revamp your ‘to read’ lists, if you keep them, in your planner. I’m super motivated to make a dint in my reading list now!

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