Planner Tags!

If you follow my Youtube channel, you may have seen that over the last three weeks I’ve been sharing my responses to some of the planner tag challenges that have been issued over the last few years.
These videos were fun to shoot, because it made me think about my planning process, the things I love, hate and can’t live without! You also get to see the collection of planners I have amassed over the last few years, from ring-bound Kikki.K planners to some of my traveler’s notebook-style notebooks. 
If you’re curious, I’ve included all three videos below for your convenience. If you want to complete the challenges – consider yourself TAGGED! Simply click through the videos to their Youtube page for the questions listed in the notes of each individual video.
I’m now contemplating creating my own Planner Tag, so stay tuned!
Thanks for stopping by! If you know of any other planner tags out there, feel free to link me to them. I’d love to take a look!
Until next time, happy planning!

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