Planner Set-Up 2016 and Archiving 2015

For the start of 2016, I’ll be moving back into my medium-size “Why Not?” planner by Kikki.K. This planner was released earlier this year (if memory serves?), but is no longer currently available on their website. I love the colours on this planner, and between it and my black planner, I’ve found planner peace for the time being.
The video below outlines my set-up for 2016, as well as a sneak peek at some of the stickers that will be featured in my upcoming layouts.
There’s also a look at how I’m archiving my 2015 planner pages – I think they’re a great record of my life, as well as a huge creative outlet for me and I think it’s important to keep them. I decided to use binder rings to clip all the pages together, and old dividers that I am no longer using to not only divide the sections, but also act as covers. This is simple, quick and cheap (three of my favourite words).

Don’t forget to link me to your new year set-ups! Would love to see them!

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