Subscription Box Sunday #1

This was my September Messy Box from A Beautiful Mess

It arrived in Australia on the 6th of October. (It has been arriving later and later over the last few months, which is quite frustrating.)
Overall, this was one of my least favourite boxes. While I’m not a fan of being negative, this is a box I’ve paid for and there’s parts of it that I just won’t use so I guess I’m entitled to my own opinion. I’ll be passing those one to creative folk who can use them, and I understand that this is part of what a subscription service entails… sometimes you just end up disappointed.
That said, if you’ve received this box and enjoyed it and used it in a fun way, please share your links in the comments. I would really love to see them and find some inspiration from all your wonderful creative people!
Until next time friends, have a wonderful weekend!

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