Blog-tember Day 19 | A "Best" Day

Today’s Blog-tember challenge prompt is: tell us about one of the best days of your life.
This is another tricky prompt for me. I’ll be honest, there’s nothing that stands out as that ‘truly best day ever’ kind of moment. (I like to think it’s because there are so many days that I have enjoyed as opposed to not having had a great day/moment.)
So, I picked an exciting day.
The day I got my first teaching job.
I had the interview really early – 8am. I was so nervous. I’d applied for about 30 positions before it and this was my very first interview at a school and I had no idea what to think. I don’t remember anything about the interview itself, except that the principal (my current principal) seemed super lovely. Despite being so unbelievably nervous, she managed to make it feel comfortable.
(Or, you know, as comfortable as a job interview ever can.)
When I left, I had to go straight to my then-current part-time job working at Borders Bookstore in the city. I had to change my shift to start later because of the job interview and was going to be working later as a result.
It was probably a good thing that I went straight to work, because it kept my mind busy. The school had said they’d probably call in the next day or two and I’d given them my mobile and work contact numbers. 
I really didn’t think I’d done a good enough job in my interview to get through and was preparing myself to call up the school and ask for some interview feedback to improve.
At about 3pm, my shift had me working at the registers and I was paged about a phone call. (Which, admittedly, didn’t mean too much because I worked in the children’s section and people often called asking for info on kids books and people would forward them on to me or the other merchandise staff.)
It was my principal, calling to offer me the job.
Being that I was at the register, I had to keep my composure (because there were customers there) and say, ‘Yes, absolutely, I would love to accept the position.’
Then I hung up the phone, probably with a stupid grin on my face, and keep serving people.
It was very surreal, but also very a rewarding experience. It was affirmation that all my hard work had paid off and that I would have some job stability.
Plus, I got to celebrate afterwards with my work friends, which was a bonus!
So that’s a good day from my past.
There are lots of other good days, past and present, that hopefully I get to share with everyone.
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