Blog-tember Day 13 | Spring Mood Board

Today’s Blog-tember prompt was to create a collage/mood board for this season of your life.
Now, no one tell me they’re shocked by all the pink!
I’ve talked about it a lot recently – here in Melbourne, we’ve just hit Spring. Spring, for me, is full of bright colours. It’s also my birthday month – this coming week in fact –  and so my interpretation of this particular prompt is where I’m at, right now.
Right now I’m still recovering from a ridiculous cold. I have two massive nights of school concert coming up (including one on my birthday, so not much celebrating happening for me on the day) and it’s the end of term, which means I have a whole lot of cleaning up to do at work.
Right now I am looking forward to turning another year older. (Funny, huh?!) I love pink – it makes me happy. I love planners and my planner peace. I believe that good things are coming my way (because I’ve had a really stressful last few months). I’m drinking lots of tea and celebrating the beautiful things in my life.
My mood board is about Spring, and hope, and bright things.
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