Blog-tember Day 10 | Bucket List

Happy Thursday! I’m back with Blog-tember Day 10’s challenge prompt: 10 items off your bucket list. If you haven’t made one, now’s a good time to start!

I’m not a huge bucket list person, I must admit. I’m pretty motivated to do things I need to do, and I’m not a super-adventurous person, so don’t expect high-flying, death-defying feats on the list below!

So, if I have to put things down on paper, what would it be?

Noveltea Corner’s 10 Bucket List Items

  1. Move into my new apartment. (It’s being built. Currently due for completion mid-late next year!)
  2. Buy a DSLR camera.
  3. Travel to Philadelphia to meet my online bestie!
  4. Take on a team leader role at work.
  5. Build a great school vegetable garden team. (This is on the list for next year.)
  6. Get through the pile of books on my dresser.
  7. Learn ballroom dancing.
  8. Find the love of my life. (Too sappy? Or not?)
  9. Travel to the U.S. for ISTE.
  10. Live in the same country as my work bestie. (I miss her heaps!)
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Until tomorrow, friends, have a wonderful day!

12 Replies to “Blog-tember Day 10 | Bucket List”

  1. Get a DSLR is on my list too! Read more books will always be on my list as well..ha! Ballroom dancing is SO fun! My husband and I did it for about a year and it was one if the best year in my life. This was a great list!


  2. i almost wrote down something about reading all of my books!! ahha. good luck with the DSLR… i bought one a few years ago and i can't believe it took me so long (though i'm only just starting to learn how to use it… rookie move!!!!)


  3. I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed ballroom dancing! Every other year my school has professional dancing lessons for students and every time it reminds me that I want to learn it properly for myself! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, Faith!


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