Blog-tember Day 4 | My Passions

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Day 4’s Blog-tember challenge is to discuss what I am passionate about.

Where to begin?
This one seems fairly obvious, given that I’m a teacher, but it really, truly is one of my passions. I live and breathe teaching, even when it drives me completely crazy. There is nothing more rewarding than working with my gorgeous kiddos each day and seeing the amazing learning and growth that happens every single day. Plus, whenever you teach somebody something, you always learn something in return. A win-win.
Which is good, because my second passion is…
I’ve always loved learning. Anything. Random facts. Things I don’t (and never will) understand (*cough* astrophysics *cough*). A day without learning something new is a dull day indeed. Learning can take many different forms, so this one also encompasses some other passions of mind – reading, communicating, observing. All of these drive learning and I think that is amazing!
I think this one is probably another obvious one for me, and it really ties in with both of the above. Creating is my outlet. The thing I do to relax, to grow, to just be me. It can be anything – from creating new games for my kiddos, to creating planner layouts or Project Life pages to just messing around with my stamps or washi tape collection. Creating is how I express myself to the world and I am utterly dedicated to encouraging people to create what they want to create. Be who you are, friends! Make what is in you to make! Embrace it! (And don’t forget to enjoy it!)
Don’t forget to join in with Bailey’s wonderful link-up – simply click the image header at the top of this page. You’ll also see lots of other wonderful bloggers’ posts, too!
Until tomorrow, friends, have a wonderful Friday! xx

7 Replies to “Blog-tember Day 4 | My Passions”

  1. You expressed your passions so well! It's funny as I go through different blogger's posts today, I keep thinking “Ah! I forgot to mention THAT and THAT!” YES to learning and teaching and creativity! I love all of those as well!!


  2. The best teachers I ever had were the ones who were passionate about what they were doing! I'm still floored those kind aren't the only kind of teachers. I love that learning and teaching are so intertwined. It's a constant give-and-take!


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