Decorate With Me, July 5th

Unfortunately my throat is still feeling pretty raw and I’m trying to rest it a bit, so there’s no planner video this week (but I’m hoping to do some more planner videos while I’m still on school holidays, so keep an eye out for those!), but I did take a few more close-up photos of my layout this week.
I’m still trying to use up the stickers I had printed out a few months ago – this week I chose to use one of my digital backgrounds – the purple/green/blue combo on the left hand page. 

I jazzed it up a bit with some stamps from Ali Edwards that were part of last year’s Week in the Life kit. (Which I never actually completed so I’m trying to rectify that at the moment!)
I chose some washi tapes in colours as close as I could match to the background sticker – purples and teals. Most of these I’ve picked up at various Etsy stores over the years and thus can’t give you exact details on where to find them. The solid lilac strip is one of the pastel rainbow thin washi tapes that you can normally find in a set. The thin teal with polka dots came from Typo a while back.
I am IN LOVE with the stamps I received in my Citrus Twist kit for June (check out my unboxing video here) and I decided to use them to line the binder sides of my pages as a word border. I really, really love how it turned out.
Another look outside of my Kikki.K planner!
This is a collection of (most of) the supplies I used to create my layout for this week. I foresee my Citrus Twist stamps getting a BIG workout in the future. 
Don’t forget to leave me a link (to your blog/Instagram/etc) so I can see your awesome planner decorations, too!
Happy weekend,

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