Pocket Letter Unpocketing

Have you heard of Pocket Letters?
Pocket Letters are a fun alternative to your regular pen-pal happy mail, wherein the sender uses a 9-pocket baseball card page to decorate and send small goodies to their friends. It was an idea created by Janette Lane, and there are many, MANY videos on YouTube showcasing some really fun ideas for Pocket Letters.
I joined the group Pocket Letter Pals and have joined in the fun, as well as purchase a few pocket letters from Etsy, and received some from a good friend of mine.
Check out my video to see what I received, and keep reading below for the links to some Etsy stores that sell pocket letters.
I also plan to do a few more pocket letter planning kits to put in my store, too, with colour themes. Leave a comment if there’s a colour you might like to see!
Useful Links:
IittcceellsShop Pocket Letters

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