Planner Decorations: Week #24

While I wasn’t able to film a decoration video this weekend while I was decorating my planner pages for Week #24, I did take some before and after photos and I wanted to share them with all of my fellow planner addicts!
My current goal is to use up the supplies I have. This applies to scrapbooking as well as planning and last night I was going through my desk supplies. I have 9 different Kikki.K sticker books, and I usually only use one or two stickers from each. 
I need to use them up. No more holding on to them. My planner is one of my memory keeping devices, so using them is not a waste. This is what I’ve been telling myself!
This week I decided to pull out an old Kikki.K sticker book. I can’t even remember what the theme was called so I’ll be referring to it as the ‘ocean’ theme.
I started with some simple materials:
– the Sticker book (see here for the current editions)
– my blank planner pages (you can find undated versions in my Etsy store)
– a glue stick
– scissors
Here’s a quick peek inside the sticker book. I spent a bit of time flipping through the pages and trying to find some inspiration.
My challenge was to use these stickers… and ONLY these stickers!
I think I did pretty well:
My only gripe was that some of the stickers weren’t actually sticky (hence the gluestick), but beyond that I am pretty happy with the final layout.
Now, it’s not Summer here in Australia, nor am I a big fan of the beach, but hey! MERMAIDS!
How have you decorated your planner this week? I’d love for you to leave a link to a photo or video showing your process. 
Stay tuned tomorrow for a fun freebie for your planners!

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