Fauxligraphy Friday #3

Welcome back for another week of Fauxligraphy Friday! Apologies for the lack of posting last week - it's been a crazy two weeks at work!As always, if you have word requests (or lyric/quote requests), please leave them in the comments!

Decorate With Me

Welcome to another peak into my planner decorations for the week of July 20-26th.This week I went with a 'watermelon' themed layout - which seems to be really popular at the moment. Last weekend I spent some time in Adobe Fireworks creating some new digital backgrounds, which I then printed out on sticker paper. The …

Fauxligraphy Friday #2

Welcome to the second week of Fauxligraphy Friday!As always, feel free to leave suggestions for words or short phrases/lyrics - or even names! - in the comments below!Happy Friday!