Planner Layout – My Faves

Hello, planner friends!

On a daily basis, I use my planner to keep myself organised and on track, but I’m definitely someone who needs motivation to keep it up. (And believe me, when I stop using my planner, I really feel the effects of it!)

One of the most effective strategies I’ve found for maintaining my use of my planner daily is to ensure I feel happy looking at it. Which may sound a little shallow, but I’m very tuned in to aesthetics and things that bring me joy and so decorating my planner weekly is a key part of helping me maintain my enthusiasm for it.

Anna’s Be Happy sticker kit is absolutely perfect for this, because it features all my favourite things – gorgeous illustrations and bright colours! Check out how this layout came together in the planner video below:

As always, my advice for everyone is to really understand the things that make you happy in your planner – I love bold, bright, busy layouts, but not everyone’s like that. Work out what works for you and stick with it.

Until next time, happy planning!

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