Blog-tember Day 27 | Wishlist

Today’s challenge is to share what’s on your wish list.

Honestly, some days it’s more like what’s not on my wish list. But you know. So, here’s a few things that I’m adding to the list for today. Some are crafty, others are for my future apartment.
I just love Laura Blythman’s collage prints. I’d love to have one in my future apartment, especially one with lots of pinks, like the one above, which is a current favourite. I am going to hold off until the apartment block is built and I can actually see the size of my apartment (because I’m terrible at visualising size) so I can work out how big a print I’ll need in my living space.
Alchemy Produx make beautiful candles. I’m currently loving this copper beaker candle and would love to have it in the scent Ginger Ale (which I’ve had before in a clear glass beaker).
I recently bought the beautiful Pink Lemonade FoxyDori (I’m waiting for it to arrive), but I’d love for some awesome inserts to go with it. The above pink and white inserts are sitting in my Etsy cart waiting to be purchased!
I love this gorgeous necklace from loveHAWTHORNE and would really, really like to own it soon!
I love the bed linen from Feliz, too. They seem to have sold out of my favourite bedspread pattern (it was a coloured watercolour pattern), but I love how clean and bring this one looks, too. I also love the throw on top, too.
So those are some of the things on my wish list at the moment. What’s on your wish list?
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5 Replies to “Blog-tember Day 27 | Wishlist”

  1. Wonderful! Great list Stef, Yaaay someone else who loves beautiful bedding (I'm almost fanatical about my bedding lol) candles and stationery 🙂 I can't walk past a stationery store without coming home with notebooks, the prettier the better. Really, I cant be trusted around book & stationery stores 🙂 Hope you're having a fabulous weekend and sending heaps of hugs xx


  2. Ok, I like that you started out with it more the not wish list these days…….betcha can paint something like that yourself which you will cherish even more……the candles, I would make sure they are at least soy based for myself but nice choice…..copper and glass containers for them are AWESOME choices……..can't speak much for the necklace as it's not my thing (jewelry and all) but the bedspread and throw are really nice! I could go for those too! But I have my spread and all so I'm set for now!


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